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Mr. Mohammed Azmatullah

Managing Director

Mr. Meer Abdul Hafeez


Mr. Zubair Abdul Waheed

Marketing and Sales director

Zubair Abdul Waheed comes from a family of industrialists. Inspite of being surrounded by business minded people, he chose his own path of his entrepreneurial journey and reached success.

An International award winning entrepreneur who masters in Marketing and Sales, has a good hand in operations also.

Leading an experiential marketing company and an internationally acclaimed wedding planner, Zubair raised his company from scratch to a 50 million turnover company. Awarded by the World Federation of Businesses for being a successful leader that has consistently demonstrated business excellence Zubair has shown all the leadership qualities to run a successful business.

Ms. Safina Naaz

Team Strategy

Ms. EyenineSaira

Social Media

Ms. Aisha Nilofer

Digital Marketing

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